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Ag+ Deodorizing Antibacterial Spray

Studies shows that among the five senses of taste, people have the strongest memory when it comes to smell.   

So, what kind of memory do you want to leave to others?  

The smell of white socks, the smell of the living room carpet, the smell of your body...  

If the smell isn’t good, how will people remember you?   

The smell at the moment will not only determine the beauty of the memories, but also the beauty of the moment!

Plant - based deodorant formula, efficiently purifies the air.    

Effectively inhibits bacterial growth for 24 hours!  

Odor and bacteria or prone to grow in your socks, bathroom, pet potty, and car interior.  

Use the natural plant-based essential oil formula and special Ag+ silver ion.  

They have better effect of deodorizing and antibacterial than that of activated carbon.    

Contain no harmful substances such as RCRA 8 metals.  

One gentle spray, and enjoy the refreshing air, long lasting scent of green tea.